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User’s Guide - NBC 1995: Application of Part 9 to Existing Buildings

Please Note: The National Building Code 2005 is now available. User’s Guide – NBC 2005, Application and Intent Statements (CD-ROM only) is expected to be released in 2006.

If you are in the business of renovating buildings, this User’s Guide will help you ensure Code compliance by explaining the principles by which the National Building Code (NBC) requirements should be applied to existing buildings. Included in this User's Guide are case studies of typical problems that may arise when a building is renovated or its occupancy changed. The Guide also suggests solutions, together with an explanation as to how the alternative design solutions were reached.

Chapter 1 outlines the principles that should be followed in determining the degree to which existing buildings should conform to current NBC requirements.
Chapter 2 presents a collection of 50 typical problems that may arise when a building is renovated or an occupancy changed. The examples are intended to encourage a logical approach in meeting the objectives of the NBC where it is not practical to meet the letter of the law.
Finally, Appendix A of this Guide is a compilation of the intents of each of the nearly 1000 Articles that constitute Part 9 of the NBC.

It should be noted that the level of discretionary power that building inspectors have may vary in different parts of Canada. This Guide should therefore be used with an awareness regarding powers of building inspectors.

Published by the National Research Council Canada’s Institute for Research in Construction, 2000.
Catalogue No. NRCC 43963
Price $57.00
Format Softcover
Pages 138
Language English; Aussi disponible en français
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This page last modified: May 16, 2005

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