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Cottage Water Systems

An Out-of-the-City Guide to Pumps, Plumbing, Water Purification, and Privies.

If you have a pump, a well, a septic system, or an outhouse… or if you simply care about the quality of the water you drink… Cottage Water Systems will save you time and money - and help you avoid maintenance and repair headaches.
Cottage Water Systems

Author Max Burns explains in clear, easy-to-understand style how each component of the water system works, with dozens of tips on installation and repair, as well as extensive troubleshooting guides to help you diagnose what's wrong with your system. Each chapter is accompanied by straightforward explanatory diagrams and illustrations.

Cottage Water Systems includes:
  • how to choose the pump that's right for your property
  • a guide to water quality and types of water purifiers
  • foolproof methods for priming your pump
  • the ins and outs of composting toilets and other alternatives
  • how to extend the life of your septic system
  • how to build a first-class outhouse
  • step-by-step instructions for closing seasonal water system in the fall and opening it in the spring
  • ways to get water in winter
  • plus wells, grey water systems, and more
"...Burns uses humor interspersed with excellent illustrations to convey technical information in layman's terms. He provides a comprehensive overview of all possibilities, from outhouses to alternative toilets, to pumps, septic systems, and leaching fields. The pros and cons of each alternative are thoroughly examined." -- Old House Journal
Written by Max Burns. Published by Cottage Life Books, 1999.
Catalogue No. 0-9696922-0-X
Price $24.95
Format Softcover
Pages 150
Language English only
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This page last modified: November 17, 2000

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