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Canada: A People's History Volume One

This is the first of a two volume set which is the illustrated companion to the most ambitious project ever undertaken jointly by CBC TV and its Quebec counterpart, Radio-Canada: a 30-hour, 15-part series on the history of our country as seen through the eyes of those who experienced the thrust of it first hand.

The lavishly illustrated companion volumes, written jointly by Don Gillmor and Pierre Turgeon, two of Canada's finest writers, follows the series closely and provides a definitive, new account of the richness of this country's past.

Canada: A People's History
The story told in Volume One covers the period from pre-Contact to the resignation in 1873 of our first prime minister, Sir John A. Macdonald. It is a story of the rise and fall of empires, the clash of great armies, and of the epoch-making revolutions. It is also a story of courage, daring, and folly, of men and women who explored and settled a continent.

The major events of our history are chronicled, but the book is, above all, a story of people, bringing to life the famous figures of Canada's past, as well as the voices of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances.

Thoroughly vetted by a team of historians headed by Ramsay Cook, Canada: A People's History gives us a fresh look at our history and pronounces it epic, exciting, dramatic.

Written by Don Gillmor and Pierre Turgeon. Published by McClelland Stewart, 2000.
Catalogue No. 0-7710-3324-9
Price $29.99
Format Softcover
Pages 320
Language English only

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- Volume Two
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