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Health Statistics at a Glance

Health Statistics at a Glance is a CD-ROM designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of users such as market researchers, educator, students, special interest groups, policy developers and program managers. It is an interactive source for health facts and analysis.
This CD-ROM incorporates all of the approximately 80 chapters from the Statistical report on the health of Canadians (available on-line through the web sites of Statistics Canada, Health Canada, and the Canadian Institute for Health Information). It analyzes determinants of health and health status. Determinants of health include factors that influence health status such as population characteristics, environment, socio-economic conditions, lifestyle of individuals and the many behavioural elements of individual risk. Health status refers to the measures of health and well being, perceived or diagnosed, in the population. Health resources reflect the means brought to bear to restore or maintain the health of individuals; these can be human, physical, financial and organizational.
Documentation developed for the suspended Health Indicators, 82-221-XPE is presented to provide the necessary background information on the source databases.
Published by Statistics Canada, 1999.
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Last modified: August 7, 2003

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