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Canada Among Nations 2000: Vanishing Borders

Canada Among Nations 2000: Vanishing Borders takes stock of Canada's evolving relationship with its most important hemispheric partner, the United States, as well as Canada's relationships with other countries in the Western Hemisphere. Topics covered include:
  • The future of Canada-US trade, investment, fiscal, and monetary linkages; and historical lessons from the past
  • Canada's relationships with other other countries in the Western Hemisphere
  • How these relationships are affected by the new economic, technological, and political realities and how these new realities affect Canada's domestic and foreign policies
  • Canada's multilateral security commitments in NATO and the UN
  • The future of the next found of the World Trade Organization
Canada Among Nations provides an annual review of Canadian foreign policy. Various contributors examine Canada's performance on the international scene and contemplate future challenges.
Edited by Maureen Appel Molot and Fen Osler Hampson.
Published by Oxford University Press, 2000.
0-19-541540-X $28.95
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