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Canada Among Nations 2000: Vanishing Borders

Borders are coming down every day around the world. No where is this more true than on the North American continent where Canadians, Americans, and Mexicans find themselves increasingly deeply intertwined as a result of the removal of trade barriers under the North American Free Trade Agreement and the growing integration of their economies and societies. This year's volume in the Canada Among Nations series takes stock of Canada's evolving relationships with its most important hemispheric partner, the United States, and looks to the future of Canada-US trade, investment, fiscal, and monetary linkages.

Although there is widespread agreement that Canada's relationship with the United States and other countries in the hemisphere must change and adapt to new economic, technological, and political realities, there is still, as yet, no national consensus on what this means for our domestic and foreign policies.

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This year's volume takes stock of these debates, indicating what the key issues of contention are. Part I examines the bilateral relationship focusing on trade, productivity, and labour market issues, while also looking to broader, historical lessons from the past about how to manage the relationship. Canada's relationships with other countries in the Western Hemisphere and its broader, global, multilateral linkages are the focus of Part II. Special topics for consideration include Canada's relations with Cuba, Canada's multilateral security commitments in NATO and the UN, and the future of the next round of the World Trade Organization following the collapse of the troubled talks in Seattle.

1.Does the 49th Parallel Matter Any More? - Fen Osler Hampson and Maureen Appel Molot
Part One: The Bilateral Relationship
2.Waiting at the Perimeter: Making US Policy in Canada - Andrew F. Cooper
3.How Canada Policy Is Made in the United States - Christopher Sands
4.US National Missile Defense, Canada, and the Future of NORAD - Joseph T. Jockel
5.The Role of Dispute Settlement in Managing Canada-US Trade and Investment Relations - Michael Hart
6.Catching Up Is Hard to Do: Thinking About the Canada-US Productivity Gap - Daniel Schwanen
7.A Comparison of Canadian and US Labour Market Performance in the 1990s - Andrew Sharpe
8.Friendly, Familiar, Foreign, and Near - Robert Bothwell
9.Economic Integration and Harmonization with the United States: A Working-Class Perspective - Nancy Riche and Robert Baldwin
10.Canada, the United States, and the world: Making the Most of Global Opportunities - Thomas d'Aquino
Part Two: Multilateral and Regional Relationships
11.Real Borders in a Not so Borderless World - Steven Lee
12.Too Close to the Americans, Too Far from the Americas: A Liberal Policy towards the Hemisphere - Brian J.R. Stevenson
13.Our Dictatorship: Canada's Trilateral Relations with Castro's Cuba - Yvon Grenier
14.Canada's Participation in the NATO-led Intervention in Kosovo - Hevina S. Dashwood
15.Canada at the UN: A Human Security Council? - Paul Knox
16.The WTO in the Aftermyth of the Battles in Seattle - John M. Curtis and Robert Wolfe

Edited by Maureen Appel Molot and Fen Osler Hampson.
Published by Oxford University Press, 2000.
0-19-541540-X $28.95

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Last modified: July 17, 2000

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