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The Bloc

Parliamentary correspondent Manon Cornellier looks at the meteoric rise of the Bloc Québécois and at its charismatic leader Lucien Bouchard. In only five short years, the Bloc has gone from a tiny group of independent MPs to the official opposition in the House of Commons. Yet English-speaking Canadians know little about the party's history, its ideas, how its politics differ from those of the Parti Québécois, or what role the party intends to play in a sovereign Quebec.

The Bloc describes:
  • how the party was founded
  • the help the Bloc has received from the Parti Québécois and the Quebec Liberals
  • the 1993 federal election campaign
  • the Bloc's program and its record as the official opposition
  • Bouchard's brush with death and his re-entry into public life
  • relations between Lucien Bouchard and Jacques Parizeau
  • the Bloc's role in the 1995 referendum on sovereignty the text of the agreement struck by the Bloc, the Parti Québécois, and the Action démocratique du Québec
Written by: Manon Cornellier. Published by James Lorimer Company, 1995.
Catalogue No. 1-55028-472-X
Price $19.95
Format Softcover
Pages 180
Language English only
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