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Voices for the Watershed: Environmental Issues in the Great Lakes-St Lawrence Drainage Basin

2001 Winner of Canadian Geographic's "Best of the Year" environmental book honour.

Voices for the Watershed is a unique look at the singular and ecologically inter-connected region of the Great Lakes-St Lawrence watershed, including the headwater and upland regions. With contributions from experts from the United States, Quebec, and Ontario, this book offers an accessible introduction to the issues affecting the quality of our most essential and precious of natural resources - clean, fresh water - from headwater regions downstream to the Great lakes, the St Lawrence river, and ultimately the watershed’s outflow to the sea.
Voice of the Watershed
With thoughtful words and evocative photography, Voices for the Watershed promotes understanding and examines ecological problems, describing positive environmental actions and projects as well as ongoing concerns over the effects of pollution on wildlife and human health. The underlying themes throughout are that the drainage basins and ecosystems are under siege - from reckless land use decisions, soil erosion, acid rain, and massive habitat destruction - but that the situation is not hopeless. The authors feel strongly that education about the environmental threats - in the classroom and public forums - is essential to effecting positive change, and that conservation actions by citizen groups and individuals can be a driving force in effecting substantial reforms regarding environmental legislation and practices.

Voices for the Watershed is an eye-opening look at not only the problems but possible solutions to help protect and preserve this resilient natural resource on which so many depend.

Contributors include Gregor Beck, Anne Bell (Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society), J. Douglas Blakey (Upper Canada College), Serge Bourdon (Chateauguay Watershed Management Agency), Robert Brander (retired U.S. Forest Service and National Park Service), Dominique Brief (Alliance for Environmental Management), Louise Champoux (Environment Canada), Bruce Conn (Berry College), Kevin Coyle (National Environmental Education and Training Foundation), Brad Cundiff (Wildlands League), Jerry DeMarco (Sierra Legal Defence Fund), Jean-Luc DesGranges (Canadian Wildlife Service), Thomas A. Edsall (Western Basin Ecosystem), Peter Ewins (World Wildlife Fund), Louis-Gilles Francoeur (Le Devoir), Stephen Gates (Grey Owl Nature Trust), Elliott Gimble (Jewish Community Relations Council), Hallett J. Harris (University of Wisconsin-Green Bay), John Hull (Quebec-Labrador Foundation), Gail Jackson (independent consultant), John Jackson (Great Lakes United), Val Klump (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee), Louise Knox (Hamilton Harbour Remedial Action Plan), Gail Krantzberg (Ontario’s Environment Ministry), Peter Lavigne (Watershed Consultants), Michel Letendre (Quebec Ministry of the Environment and Fauna), Bruce Litteljohn, Nadia Ménard (Saguenay-St. Lawrence Marine Park), Jeff Miller (artist), Phil Norton (Montreal Gazette), Jean Rodrigue (Environment Canada), Alec Ross (writer and journalist), Scot Stewart (naturalist), Rae Tyson (USA Today), Fred Whoriskey (Atlantic Salmon Federation), with a major personal narrative by Michael Keating (environmental writer and consultant).
“A revelation ... the book brings together information from the various provinces and states not otherwise found in one published source.” - Gerald Killan, principal and professor of history, King's College, University of Western Ontario
“The effort to combine contributing voices across an international watershed boundary is unique ... Its many voices succeed at balancing analytical insights with a broader public voice which calls for watershed preservation, restoration, and, ultimately, recovery. The clear message is that all of us should continue to transform this watershed in accordance with a shared vision, not as though by default.” - Michael Black, chair, The California Studies Association
Edited by Gregor Gilpin Beck and Bruce Litteljohn. Published by McGill-Queen's University Press, 2000.
Catalogue No. 0-7735-2003-1
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Format Hardcover
Pages 300
Language English only
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