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Oil, Water and Chocolate Mousse

Despite its name, this booklet is not about chocolate mousse. It is about oil, water, and oil spills. Chocolate mousse is a name given to a particular combination of oil and water that sometimes forms when oil is spilled. Inside Oil, Water and Chocolate Mousse you will learn:
  • what happens when oil is spilled in our waterways
  • how we should prepare for oil spills
  • how we can prevent oil spills, both large and small
  • what Canadians can do to limit the environmental damage oil spills can cause
Although written for young persons, this book has something of interest for all ages.
Aussi disponible en français.
Produced by a consortium of federal government departments led by Environment Canada. Published by Canadian Government Publishing, 1994.
EN21-126-1994E $5.95

Price and availability subject to change. Shipping and applicable taxes extra.
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Last modified: March 8, 2000

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