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Electronic Publications

Looking for Canadian government information in electronic format? Scroll down for a listing of CD-ROMs and diskettes produced by the Canadian Government. We have also included some international titles from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

If you do not see what you are looking for, please feel free to ask us.
Canadiana: The National Bibliography on CD-ROM, December 2001 CD-ROM SN2-2-2001-1-MRC $129.95
Citizenship and Immigration Manuals on CD-ROM CD-ROM MP22-15-2002-1-MRC $69.95/ issue
Consolidated Statutes and Regulations of Canada on CD-ROM, Current to August 31, 2001 CD-ROM YX54-1-2001-08-MRC $225.00
For Seven Generations: An Information Legacy of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples CD-ROM K971-10-1996-MRC $349.95
Gift (Francais Au Travail) #1, Beginner - LAN Diskette SC84-5-*-3001F-MR21000F $175.00
Gift (Francais Au Travail) #1, Beginner - Single User Diskette SC84-5-*-3001F $60.00
Gift (Francais Au Travail) #2, Intermediate - LAN Diskette SC84-5-*-3002F-MR2 $175.00
Gift (Francais Au Travail) #2, Intermediate - Single User Diskette SC84-5-*-3002F $60.00
Gift (Francais Au Travail) #3, Advanced - LAN Diskette SC84-5-*-3003F-MR2 $175.00
Gift (Francais Au Travail) #3, Advanced - Single User Diskette SC84-5-*-3003F $60.00
Gift (Francais Au Travail): Users Guide Paper SC84-5-*-1100F $12.95
Health Statistics at a Glance CD-ROM 82F0075XCB $100.00
House of Commons Committees - Minutes of Proceedings and Evidence CD-ROM    
House of Commons Hansard CD-ROM    
House of Commons Journals CD-ROM    
Immigration Manuals on CD-ROM CD-ROM    
Income Trends in Canada on CD-ROM, 1980 to1999 CD-ROM 13F0022XCB $195.00
Inter-Corporate Ownership on CD-ROM CD-ROM 61-517-XCB  
Labour Force Historical Review on CD-ROM, 2001 CD-ROM 71F0004XCB $195.00
Nautical Charts CD-ROM    
Occupational Health Surveillance in Canada: Cause-specific Mortality Among Workers 1965 to 1991 CD-ROM 84-546-XCB $500.00
OECD Health Data 2001: A Comparative Analysis of 30 OECD Countries CD-ROM    
Profile Desktop 2000: National Occupational Classification's Career Handbook on CD-ROM CD-ROM 017-608469-X $179.95

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Last modified: August 20, 2002

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