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Surviving Canada's Separation Anxiety: Taking Control of Your Financial Future

In Surviving Canada's Separation Anxiety, the authors examine the consequences of separation and show you how to Quebec-proof your portfolio. The authors explain:
  • what would happen to the dollar, stock markets and interest rates the day after a Yes vote
  • which twenty stocks and five mutual funds will outperform, whatever the political climate
  • how to avoid the hidden risks of mutual funds
  • what to do with Quebec real estate and bonds
  • how to choose between long-term and floating-rate mortgages
  • how legally to pull your RRSP investments 100% out of Canada
While no one can predict the future, Surviving Canada's Separation Anxiety provides a framework that will offer you better financial protection, regardless of what happens. By following the strategies outlined in this book, you can give yourself control over your financial destiny.
Written by Adam Mayers and Patrick McKeough. Published by Key Porter Books, 1996.
1-55013-780-8 $14.95

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Last modified: May 21, 2000

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