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Performance Reports for the Period Ending March 31, 2004

Each of the Government of Canada's federal departments and agencies are required to submit a Performance Report for the previous fiscal year. The latest reports cover the fiscal year ending March 31, 2004, and were tabled by the President of the Treasury Board on October 28, 2004. The reports discuss results achieved against planned performance expectations. Information is compiled in an effort to improve expenditure management. Tables and graphs highlight accompanying text.
Report contents include:
  • Minister's Message
  • Departmental Performance
  • Consolidated Reporting
  • Financial Performance
  • Departmental Overview
  • Supplementary Information
  • Index
Tabled the President of the Treasury Board. Published by Canadian Government Publishing, 2004.
Catalogue No. BT31-4-issue#-2004
Price Varies with each issue (see below)
Format Softcover
Pages Varies with each issue
Language Bilingual

BT31-4-1-2004 Agriculture and Agri-food Canada $19.95
BT31-4-2-2004 Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency $19.95
BT31-4-91-2004 Canada Border Services Agency $24.95
BT31-4-10-2004 Canada Customs and Revenue Agency $24.95
BT31-4-40-2004 Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions $22.95
BT31-4-19-2004 Canada Industrial Relations Board $12.95
BT31-4-21-2004 Canada School of Public Service $12.95
BT31-4-20-2004 Canadian Artists and Producers Professional Relations Tribunal $11.95
BT31-4-22-2004 Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety $12.95
BT31-4-23-2004 Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency $14.95
BT31-4-92-2004 Canadian Firearms Centre $14.95
BT31-4-79-2004 Canadian Food Inspection Agency $22.95
BT31-4-86-2004 Canadian Forces Grievance Board $11.95
BT31-4-85-2004 Canadian Grain Commission $14.95
BT31-4-24-2004 Canadian Heritage $17.95
BT31-4-25-2004 Canadian Human Rights Commission $15.95
BT31-4-44-2004 Canadian Human Rights Tribunal $12.95
BT31-4-46-2004 Canadian Institutes of Health Research $19.95
BT31-4-26-2004 Canadian Intergovernmental Conference Secretariat $11.95
BT31-4-27-2004 Canadian International Development Agency $22.95
BT31-4-28-2004 Canadian International Trade Tribunal $11.95
BT31-4-17-2004 Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission $17.95
BT31-4-29-2004 Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission $17.95
BT31-4-30-2004 Canadian Space Agency $15.95
BT31-4-31-2004 Canadian Transportation Agency $12.95
BT31-4-32-2004 Citizenship and Immigration Canada $17.95
BT31-4-70-2004 Commission For Public Complaints Against the RCMP $11.95
BT31-4-18-2004 Communication Canada $12.95
BT31-4-34-2004 Competition Tribunal $10.95
BT31-4-35-2004 Copyright Board Canada $11.95
BT31-4-36-2004 Correctional Service Canada $22.95
BT31-4-93-2004 Courts Administration Service $12.95
BT31-4-37-2004 Department of Finance Canada $17.95
BT31-4-39-2004 Department of Justice Canada $17.95
BT31-4-3-2004 Environment Canada $24.95
BT31-4-87-2004 Financial Transaction Reports Analysis Centre of Canada $12.95
BT31-4-4-2004 Fisheries and Oceans Canada $24.95
BT31-4-38-2004 Foreign Affairs Canada $19.95
BT31-4-41-2004 Hazardous Materials Information Review Commission Canada $12.95
BT31-4-42-2004 Health Canada $26.95
BT31-4-43-2004 Human Resources and Skills Development Canada $22.95
BT31-4-5-2004 Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada $14.95
BT31-4-6-2004 Indian and Northern Affairs and Canadian Polar Commision $19.95
BT31-4-45-2004 Industry Canada $17.95
BT31-4-90-2004 Infrastructure Canada $15.95
BT31-4-94-2004 International Trade Canada $17.95
BT31-4-81-2004 Law Commission of Canada $12.95
BT31-4-88-2004 Military Police Complaints Commission $11.95
BT31-4-47-2004 NAFTA Secretariat Canadian Section $11.95
BT31-4-49-2004 National Battlefields Commission $12.95
BT31-4-50-2004 National Defence $22.95
BT31-4-7-2004 National Energy Board $17.95
BT31-4-51-2004 National Film Board $15.95
BT31-4-52-2004 National Library of Canada and National Archives of Canada $17.95
BT31-4-8-2004 National Parole Board $12.95
BT31-4-53-2004 National Research Council Canada $22.95
BT31-4-54-2004 National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy $14.95
BT31-4-9-2004 Natural Resources Canada $17.95
BT31-4-55-2004 Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada $19.95
BT31-4-56-2004 Northern Pipeline Agency Canada $11.95
BT31-4-89-2004 Office of Indian Residential Schools Resolution of Canada $12.95
BT31-4-57-2004 Office of the Auditor General of Canada $15.95
BT31-4-58-2004 Office of the Chief Electoral Officer $15.95
BT31-4-59-2004 Office of the Commissioner for Federal Judicial Affairs $11.95
BT31-4-60-2004 Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages $12.95
BT31-4-61-2004 Office of the Correctional Investigator $11.95
BT31-4-62-2004 Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions Canada $15.95
BT31-4-63-2004 Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioners $17.95
BT31-4-84-2004 Parks Canada $22.95
BT31-4-64-2004 Patented Medicine Prices Review Board $12.95
BT31-4-65-2004 Privy Council Office $15.95
BT31-4-74-2004 Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness of Canada $22.95
BT31-4-66-2004 Public Service Commission of Canada $12.95
BT31-4-96-2004 Public Service Human Resources Management Agency of Canada $14.95
BT31-4-67-2004 Public Service Staff Relations Board $12.95
BT31-4-68-2004 Public Works and Government Services Canada $17.95
BT31-4-69-2004 RCMP- External Review Committee $10.95
BT31-4-11-2004 Royal Canadian Mounted Police $19.95
BT31-4-72-2004 Security Intelligence Review Committee $11.95
BT31-4-97-2004 Social Development Canada $22.95
BT31-4-73-2004 Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada $15.95
BT31-4-12-2004 Statistics Canada $19.95
BT31-4-13-2004 Status of Women Canada $12.95
BT31-4-75-2004 Supreme Court of Canada $12.95
BT31-4-14-2004 Transport Canada $22.95
BT31-4-33-2004 Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada $11.95
BT31-4-77-2004 Transportation Safety Board of Canada $15.95
BT31-4-15-2004 Treasury Board of Canada, Secretariat $19.95
BT31-4-16-2004 Veterans Affairs Canada $17.95
BT31-4-78-2004 Western Economic Diversification Canada $15.95
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Last modified: November 2, 2004

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