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How Ottawa Spends 2000-2001:
Past Imperfect, Future Tense

How Ottawa Spends 2000-2001 explores the continued redefinition of the federal government's role in Canadian governance. After years of deliberate down-sizing and withdrawal, Ottawa now has financial surpluses. As well, the sense that Ottawa must demonstrate its relevance is contributing to a desire for greater activism. Yet there are continued pressures to either stay the course of the first mandate or go even further with tax cuts. Contributors analyzes these cross-cutting pressures in a variety of key policy areas. Now in its twenty-first edition, How Ottawa Spends serves as an annual fiscal report card on federal government spending.
How Ottawa Spends 2000-2001
1.Past Imperfect, Future Tense - Leslie A. Pal
2.De l'Etat-providence a l'Etat d'investissement social: Un nouveau paradigme pour enfant-er l'economie du savoir? - Denis Saint-Martin (in French)
3.Managing the Fiscal Dividend: The Politics of Selective Activism - Geoffrey Hale
4.Treasury Board as a Management Board: The Re-Invention of a Central Agency - Evan Potter
5.Battling for Remembrance: The Politics of Veterans Affairs Canada - Michael J. Prince
6.Re-Learning our ABC's?: The New Governance of Aboriginal Economic Development in Canada - Mark Macdonald
7.Cents and Sensibility: The Emergence of e-government in Canada - Cynthia Alexander
8.Will That Be Small, Medium or Large? Why Good Politics Doesn't Make Good Policy: The Case of the Canadian Financial Services Industry - Stephen Harris
9.The H2woes of the DFO - Peter Clancy
Appendix A: Political Facts and Trends
Appendix B: Fiscal Facts and Trends

Edited by Leslie A. Pal. Published by Oxford University Press, 2000.
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