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Report on the Demographic Situation in Canada 2002

The Report on the Demographic Situation in Canada is a popular analysis of current demographic trends across the country.

The first part comprehensively reviews the Canadian demographic situation, describing recent trends in population growth, divorce, fertility, and migration.

The second part consists of two studies:
  • The Fertility of Immigrant Women and Their Canadian-born Daughters. This study assesses how the fertility of immigrant women evolved between 1976-1981 and 1996-2001. It examines whether the fertility behaviour of immigrant women is tending to converge with that of Canadian-born women, and if so, how rapidly this is occurring for different immigrant groups. It also estimates the fertility of immigrants' children, the second-generation of Canadians.
  • Healthy Aging: the Determinants of Aging Without Loss of Independence Among Older Canadians. This study identifies determinants that promote dependence-free aging, an important topic as the large cohorts of baby-boomers grow older.
Published by Statistics Canada, 2003.
Report on the Demographic Situation in Canada 2002
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