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The Nation Series: Edition Four - 1996 Census Data on CD-ROM

This is last of 4 CDs, completing the Nation Series. The CD-ROM contains data from the Nation series of the 1996 Census. The series contains data for Canada, provinces and territories, and most census metropolitan areas. This CD incorporates all the data from the previous editions, including complete tables for:
  • age
  • sex
  • marital status
  • family structure
  • structural type of dwelling and household size
  • immigration and citizenship
  • languages
  • Aboriginal data
  • ethnic origin and visible minorities
  • labour force activities
  • occupation and industry
  • unpaid work
  • place of work
  • mode of transportation to work
  • education
  • mobility and migration
  • sources of income
  • earnings and income
  • family income
  • private households
  • housing costs
  • social and economic characteristics of families
Includes Beyond 20/20 software.
Published by Statistics Canada, 1999.
93F0020XCB96004 $60.00
Price and availability subject to change. Shipping and applicable taxes extra.
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Last modified: March 3, 1999

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