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Area Profile Series - 1996 Census: Provinces/Territories (Paper Editions)

The Area Profile Series from the 1996 Census gives a statistical overview of Census divisions and subdivisions for a wide range of census variables which are covered in limited detail. The majority of the data is based on a 20% sample with the exception of age, sex and marital status which are obtained on a 100% basis. The number of volumes per Province or Territory is dependant upon the population.
This data is also available in CD-Rom format.
Newfoundland 95-182-XPB STATS $120.00
Prince Edward Island 95-183-XPB STATS $80.00
Nova Scotia 95-184-XPB STATS $80.00
New Brunswick 95-185-XPB STATS $100.00
Quebec (4 volumes) 95-186-XPB STATS $300.00
Ontario (2 volumes) 95-187-XPB STATS $210.00
Manitoba 95-188-XPB STATS $105.00
Saskatchewan (2 volumes) 95-189-XPB STATS $200.00
Alberta 95-190-XPB STATS $120.00
British Columbia 95-191-XPB STATS $120.00
Yukon Territory 95-192-XPB STATS $65.00
Northwest Territories 95-193-XPB STATS $65.00
Published by Statistics Canada, 1999.
Price and availability subject to change. Shipping and applicable taxes extra.
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Last modified: March 19, 2000

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