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Export and Import Permits Act Handbook

The Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade's Export and Import Control Bureau announced that they have terminated the maintenance of the Export and Import Permits Act Handbook, effective July 17, 2000. It will no longer be updated or produced in paper format. The Handbook was a loose-leaf consolidation of the Export and Import Permits Act and its regulations. The Export and Control Bureau has a link on their web site that will allow you access to view, search, and print the Act and its regulations as they appear on the Department of Justice's web site:

It is the opinion of the Export and Import Control Bureau that the availability of this information electronically eliminates the need for a hard copy. The Bureau recommends monitoring the Canada Gazette web site for new amendments to the Regulations:

If you have any questions or concerns about the discontinuation of this service, please contact:
Barbara Lukaszewicz
Director, Administration and Technology Services Division
Export and Import Control Bureau
Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade
125 Sussex Drive
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0G2
Telephone (613) 996-0273
Below is a list of contents of the Export and Import Permits Act Handbook and its amendments, as at July 17, 2000.
Catalogue # Description
E72-1-1991 Main Volume, 5th Edition dated July 1996. Updated to include Transmittals TL-1 through TL-11
E72-1-1991-12 Amendment Transmittal TL-12, dated August 30, 1996 (released September 3, 1996)
E72-1-1991-13 Amendment Transmittal TL-13, dated November 1, 1996 (released November 13, 1996)
E72-1-1991-14 Amendment Transmittal TL-14, dated May 20, 1997 (released May 15, 1997)
E72-1-1991-15 Amendment Transmittal TL-15, dated September 30, 1997 (released October 14, 1997)
E72-1-1991-16 Amendment Transmittal TL-16, dated April 1, 1998 (released April 27, 1998)
E72-1-1991-17 Amendment Transmittal TL-17, dated September 1, 1998 (released November 3, 1998)

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Last modified: August 18, 2000

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