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The Next Canada: In Search of Our Future Nation

What kind of Canada does the under-35 generation imagine for themselves? With worldwide commercial penetration of local and national cultures, do they consider themselves members of a Canadian nation at all? Are they citizens, or merely consumers? If our major media are to be believed, they are increasingly disenfranchised, hoodwinked by global corporations into lives of consumer serfdom, connecting only in the virtual, self-selected communities of the Internet. But is it true?

The only way to find out, Myrna Kostash decided, was to travel across Canada and talk to young people in all walks of life. Her aim was to draw a map of the "next Canada" and see how its ideals, if any, compared to those of her own generation, which came of age and learned its politics in the sixties and seventies. The result is not just a series of interviews but also an acute interpretation and forecast of what lies ahead. In chapters on media and the arts, economics and the workplace, gender politics and sexuality, and racial and cultural identity, she has interviewed a diverse set of young Canadians, from an auto-worker to an investment broker, from Chinese-Canadian artists to a Klezmer musician, from union organizers to Reform MPs, from "e-zine" editors to TV producers, from queer activists to young entrepreneurs.
The Next Canada

The conclusions are surprising: Somehow, despite all the odds, despite the new attitude of contingency and multiplicity, we have in our midst a young generation that continues to believe in a community called Canada.

Written by Myrna Kostach. Published by McClelland & Stewart Ltd., 2000.
Catalogue No. 0-7710-4573-5
Price $22.99
Format Softcover
Pages 343
Language English only
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