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More Canada Firsts
Another Collection of Canadian Firsts and Foremosts in the World

The information-packed follow-up to the national bestseller Canada Firsts.
When Canada Firsts became a runaway bestseller, the proof was finally in: Canadians are not in fact shy about this county's achievements at all!
This book is intended to further boost that growing self-confidence with a great new selection of Canadian inventions, innovations, and distinctions. It lists an extraordinary range of achievements, and no matter how well-informed you are about Canadian history, you will be astonished at some of the facts unearthed here.
More Canada Firsts
For example, Canadian inventors are responsible for the artificial heart, the television "V" chip, the Robertson square-head screwdriver, the pacemaker, and Java computer language. Our scientists were the first to discover light-activated drugs, the gene for familial Alzheimer's, and RNA. Canada trained the first female jet-fighter pilots, was the first to celebrate Labour Day, and found a Law Society. And perhaps in celebration of some other national distinction, it was a Canadian who poured the world's first Bloody Caesar!
And so the list continues, through chapters on Historical Achievements, Transportation, Energy and Communication, Medicine, Science, The Environment, Education and Social Welfare, and Food. This book is a wonderful salute to the surprising number and variety of Canadian firsts and foremosts - a tonic for anyone who needs reminding of Canada's outstanding achievements.

Written by Duff Conacher. Published by McClelland Stewart, 1999.
Catalogue No. 0-7710-2244-1
Price $19.99
Format Softcover
Pages 193
Language English only
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