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Secrets of Customer Relationship Management: It's All About How You Make Them Feel

Relationship Marketing is one of today’s hottest catch phrases, but it’s much more than just a slogan. Secrets of Customer Relationship Management gives the reader an in-depth understanding of what customers actually mean to a business—and explains the importance of building and maintaining the strength of that relationship.

International marketing expert Jim Barnes examines case studies from small businesses that have successfully developed long-term relationships, and explains how their personalized approaches can be adopted by large corporations. Real-world examples and research results from around the world offer key insights into topics including:
  • New techniques for e-Commerce and the Internet
  • The drivers of customer satisfaction
  • How to identify—and thwart—threats to relationships
Secrets of Customer Relationship Management
The Changing Nature of Marketing and Customer Service.
The Economics of Customer Relationship Building.
Customer Satisfaction: Necessary Precursor to Customer Relationship.
The Customer's Definition of Value.
The Nature of Relationships.
Building Long-Term Relationships.
What Small Firms Can Teach Us about Relationships.
Measuring the Equity in Customer Relationships.
Identifying Relationships at Risk.
Establishing Customer Relationships on the Internet.
Extending the Concept of Relationships.
Achieving a Competitive Advantage through Relationships.

Written by James G. Barnes. Published by McGraw Hill (U.S.), 2000.

Catalogue No. 0-07-136253-3
Price $39.95
Format Hardcover
Pages 336
Language English only
Price and availability subject to change. Shipping and applicable taxes extra.
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Last modified: : November 24, 2000

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