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Heavy Weather Boating Emergencies
What to do when everything goes wrong

The emergency survival guide for powerboat skippers on fresh water. Heavy Weather Boating Emergencies tells you how to handle:
  • rough sea conditions, stormy weather, strong winds and high waves
  • onboard emergencies, including loss of position or engine failure
  • man overboard, capsizing or grounding
  • sinking or hull taking on water
  • mayday instructions and emergency rescues
  • and much more!
Whether you have a small outboard-powered fishing boat or a large cabin cruiser, whether you sail on rivers, reservoirs, lakes or the Great Lakes, and whether you are a beginner or a veteran boater, this book can help you prepare for the inevitable.
Written by Chuck Luttrell, with Jean Luttrell. Published by Marlor Press Inc., 1998.
0-943400-97-X $30.95
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Last modified: February 12, 2000

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