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Citizens Plus: Aboriginal Peoples and the Canadian State

In Citizens Plus, the author unravels the historical record to clarify the current impasse in negotiations between Aboriginal peoples and the state. He considers the assimilationist policy assumptions of the imperial era, examines more recent government initiatives, and analyzes the emergence of the nation-to-nation paradigm given massive support by the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples. Citizens Plus stakes out a middle ground with its support for constitutional and institutional arrangements that will simultaneously recognize Aboriginal difference and reinforce our common citizenship.

Essential reading for those in political science, history, native studies, public administration and law.

Written by Alan C. Cairns. Published by UBC Press, 2000.
Catalogue No. 0-7748-0767-9 OR Catalogue No. 0-7748-0768-7
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Format Hardcover   Format Softcover
Pages 280   Pages 280
Language English only   Language English only
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Last modified: November 20, 2001

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