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September 2000 News - Page 3

Statistics Canada

Occupational Health Surveillance in Canada: Cause-Specific Mortality Among Workers 1965 to 1991 (CD-ROM)
This first Canada-wide publication of mortality risks will help identify occupational groups across Canada with excessive mortality due to specific causes. It will also help detect previously unsuspected associations between illness (e.g., cancer) and occupation and it will be a powerful tool for both generating and testing hypotheses. The CD-ROM contains the results of a longitudinal follow-up of a sample of 700,000 men and women who were in the Canadian work force for at least one year during the period 1965 to 1971. The results are linked to the Canadian Mortality Database for the years 1965 to 1971. The CD-ROM will be of interest to professionals in public health, workers’ compensation and safety boards, ministries of health and labour, regulatory agencies, corporations, unions, personnel and medical departments.
System requirements: IBM PC compatible 486 or greater, 8MB RAM, CD-ROM reader, minimum 8MB hard disk space, Windows 95 or greater.
84-546-XCB (StatsCan) $500.00

Perspectives on Labour and Income, Autumn 2000
The Autumn 2000 issue features the articles: Unemployment kaleidoscope; Taxes Internationally (a comparison of OECD and G-7 countries); Payroll taxes: recent trends; Non-unionized but covered by collective agreement; and Rural roots.
75-001-XPE (StatsCan) $18.00 Subscription: $58.00

Canadian Social Trends Autumn 2000
The Autumn 2000 issue features articles on: A family affair: children’s participation in sports; 100 years of the immigration in Canada; Passing on the language: heritage language diversity in Canada; and Dependence-free life expectancy in Canada.
11-008-XPE (StatsCan) $36.00
Annual Subscription: $36.00
Spending Patterns in Canada 1998
This annual survey continues two discontinued titles: 64-202-XPB Household Facilities and Equipment, and 62-555 Family Expenditure in Canada. Spending Patterns in Canada collects information about expenditures by households and families in Canada on a wide variety of goods and services. It presents statistical highlights and key tables from the annual Survey of Household Spending. Inside you will find data on how Canadian households spend their money, what appliances, communications or home entertainment equipment they have. The survey also profiles the characteristics of Canadian homes – how many rooms they have, how they are heated, or whether they are in good repair.
62-202-XPE (StatsCan) $45.00

Women in Canada 2000: A Gender-based Statistical Report, 4th Edition
The fourth edition of Women in Canada provides a comprehensive statistical profile of the evolving status of women in Canadian society, with details on their demographic characteristics, family arrangements, health, education, employment and unpaid work activity, income, housing, and criminal victimization. This 300 page report also includes separate sections describing the situations of immigrant women, women in the visible minority community, Aboriginal women and senior women. Supported by more than 65 key colour charts and 190 tables, this report presents a wealth of information in a clear and concise form.
89-503-XPE (StatsCan) $45.00

Education Quarterly Review, Autumn 2000
The Autumn issue features a report on recent trends in university education. Other articles examine those factors which are important predictors of university and community college leaving and the characteristics of young people who responded to the 1991 School Leavers Survey, but who subsequently failed to respond to the 1995 School Leavers Follow-up Survey.
81-003-XPB (StatsCan) $21.00
Subscription: $68.00
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