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Human Development Report 2000

Human Development Report 2000 is the latest assessment of the state of human development across the globe. This year's Report looks at human rights as an intrinsic part of development – and at development as a means to realizing human rights. It explores the new rights agenda for the 21st century and proposes bold new approaches to political and economic governance that deliver social justice. Stronger international action is called for, especially to support disadvantaged people and to offset global inequalities. The Report concludes that the advances in the 21st century will be won by confronting entrenched economic and political interests. Data on a wide array of indicators, including the Human Development Index, provide for comparisons across countries. Human Development Report 2000
Human Development Report 2000 was prepared by a team of eminent economists and distinguished development professionals, lead by Richard Jolly, Special Advisor to the Administrator of United Nations Development Programme, and Sakiko Fukuda-Parr, Director of the Human Development Report Office.
Published for the United Nations Development Programme by Oxford University Press, 2000.
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