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October 2000 News - Page 3


Canadiana: The National Bibliography on CD-ROM, June 2000

Produced by the National Library of Canada, Canadiana lists and describes a wide variety of publications produced in Canada, or published elsewhere but of special interest or significance to Canada. These include books, periodicals, sound recordings, microforms, music scores, pamphlets, government documents, theses, educational kits, video recordings and electronic documents. Provides complete and standard cataloguing information for each item listed. 2 CD-ROMs.
SN2-2-2000-1-MRC $129.95 (Cdn Gov’t Publishing)

Dictionary of International Trade 4th Edition: Handbook of the Global Community

This comprehensive reference includes trade terms; acronyms and abbreviations; international dialing guide; maps and currencies of the world; weights and measures; guide to Incoterms 2000; guide to letters of credit and much more. The Dictionary is in use in more than 100 countries by importers, exporters, bankers, shippers, logistics professionals, attorneys, economists and government officials. Written by Edward G. Hinkelman.
1-885073-84-4 $49.50 (World Trade Press, U.S.)

Public Accounts of Canada 1999-2000

The Public Accounts of Canada 1999-2000 report covers the fiscal year of the Government ending March 31, 2000.
Volume One: Summary Report and Financial Statements
P51-1-1999-1E $19.95
Volume Two, Part One: Details of Expenditures and Revenues
P51-1-1999-2-1E $34.95
Volume Two, Part Two: Additional Information and Analyses
P51-1-1999-2-2E $29.95
All are published by Cdn Gov’t Publishing. Crown Corporations and Other Corporate Interests (formerly known as Volume Three of the Public Accounts) has not yet been published.

List of Names for Countries, Capitals and Inhabitants

An easy-to-use bilingual reference tool, this book provides the common name, the official name as recognized by the United Nations, the name of the capital, and the term for the inhabitants (including the feminine form in French) of every country in the world. The List also includes the ISO 3166 code used to identify the country for such purposes as electronic addresses. Written by André Racicot.
S53-26-2000 $18.95 (Cdn Gov’t Publishing)

Amendments to Loose-leaf Services

The following updates are sent automatically to those registered on Standing Order. All are published by Cdn Gov’t Publishing.
Canada Labour Code Part II Act and Regulations Binder, July 2000 Amendment
L31-85-1999-1E $9.95
Immigration Manual: Legislation (IL) Transmittals 00-01 February 2000, and 00-02 August 2000
MP22-6-00-01 $2.50
MP22-6-00-02 $12.95
Customs Tariff Amendment T2000-5, dated August 31, 2000, and Notice T2000-5A, August 31, 2000
RV55-2-T2000-5E $12.95
RV55-2-T2000-5A $2.50

New Editions

Table of Public Statutes and Responsible Ministers, Volume 7 Issue 2000-2 (Updated to August 31, 2000)
J12-1-2000-2 $53.95 (Cdn Gov’t Publishing)

Consolidated Statutes and Regulations on CD-ROM, Current to April 30, 2000
YX54-1-2000-04-MRC $225.00 (CGP)

Inter-corporate Ownership on CD-ROM, September 2000
One time purchase of most recent edition: 61-517-XCB $350.00;
Quarterly subscription: 61-517-XCB-SUB $995.00 (Statistics Canada)
The above pricing applies for 1-3 users on a single station; please contact us for multiple-user pricing.
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