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November 2000 News - Page 3


Canada: A People's History, Volume One

This is the first volume of an exciting two-volume work - a richly illustrated hardcover companion to the CBC TV/Radio-Canada series. Volume One covers the period from pre-Contact to the resignation in 1873 of our first prime minister, Sir John A. Macdonald.
Written by Don Gillmor & Pierre Turgeon. Published by McClelland & Stewart, 2000.
0-7710-3340-0 $60.00

Social Issues

On the Street: How We Created the Homeless

Examines the circumstances that have led to the homeless crisis and explores possible remedies. Author Barbara Murphy's arguments and lucid style make this a must-read for any Canadian who cares about the kind of society we are creating.
Published by J. Gordon Shillingford Publishing Inc., 2000.
1-896239-68-4 $19.95

Raising Happy, Healthy, Weight-wise Kids

By tackling the good, bad, and just plain ugly influences on children's relationship with food, the authors present a common-sense approach to healthy living that's packed with solid information and down-to-earth advice.
Written by Judy Toews and Nicole Parton. Published by Key Porter Books, 2000.
1-55263-179-6 $21.95

Helping Your Teen Overcome Depression: A Parent's Guide

Author Dr. Miriam Kaufman uses clear and accessible language to explain what teen depression is, and how it can be overcome. She outlines the warning signs of suicide and offers advice on how it can be prevented.
Published by Key Porter Books, 2000.
1-55263-278-4 $19.95


Writing for the Web: Geeks' Edition

Written by Crawfod Kilian. Published by Self-Counsel Press, 2000.
1-55180-303-8 $21.95


Discovering Canada

An introduction for the young reader (ages 9-12) to the second largest country in the world: Canada. It provides an understanding of political maps and basic geographic terms such as direction, latitude and longitude. Colourful maps, illustrations and photographs combine to give young readers snapshots of the many regions that make up this vast country.
Written by Marlene Gutsole and Reginald Gutsole. Published by Oxford University Press, 2000.
0-19-541587-X $17.50


Trans Canada Trail

Award-winning photographer John de Visser travelled to each province and territory, in all seasons, to photograph the diverse geography, architecture, cultural events and life that can be experienced along the 16,000 kilometre Trail. Over 160 photographs.
Written and edited by Gerry L'Orange. Published by Boston Mills Press, 2000.
1-55046-283-0 $49.95

Birds of Ontario

This is a beautiful book, filled with colour illustrations of over 318 species. Each page covers an individual species with detailed drawings of both male and female birds and identifying information.
Written by Andy Bezener. Published by Lone Pine Publishing., 2000.
1-55110-097-5 $29.95

Canadian Tide and Current Tables 2001

Volume 1: Atlantic Coast and Bay of Fundy
Volume 2: Gulf of St. Lawrence
Volume 3: St. Lawrence and Saguenay Rivers
Volume 4: Arctic and Hudson Bay
Volume 5: Juan de Fuca Strait & Strait of Georgia
Volume 6: Discovery Passage and West Coast of Vancouver Island
Volume 7: Queen Charlotte Sound to Dixon Entrance Published by Fisheries and Oceans Canada, 2000. $6.50 each
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