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November 2000 News - Page 2


Health Regions 2000: Boundaries, geographic information and population estimates (CD-ROM)

Health regions are defined by the provinces and represent administrative areas or regions of interest to health authorities. This CD-ROM contains: correspondence files (link health regions to 1996 census geographic codes); digital image files of boundaries; population estimates (1995 to 1997) by sex and five year age groups and geographic data (e.g., land area, density, percentage urban population).
Published by Statistics Canada, 2000.
82F0082XCB $60.00

Health Reports 2000(Volume 12, No. 1)

The latest issue of Health Reports features the report "Teenage pregnancy, 1997". Other articles include: Proxy reporting in the National Population Health Survey; Household spending on health care; Chronic back problems among workers.
Published by Statistics Canada, 2000.
82-003-XPB $35.00
Subscription 82-003-XPB-SUB $116.00

The Mother of All Pregnancy Books

An All-Canadian Guide to Conception, Birth & Everything in Between. Based on advice from over 100 Canadian parents and written by Canada’s foremost pregnancy author, this book is funny, entertaining, and packed with tons of nuts-and-bolts information.
Written by Ann Douglas. Published by Macmillan Canada, 2000.
0-7715-7720-6 $24.99

New Releases From Canadian Government Publishing

Citizenship and Immigration Manuals on CD-ROM, September 2000
MP22-15-2000-2-MRC $69.95

A.I.P. Canada (Aeronautical Information Publication) Amendment No.4 October 5, 2000

New from the OECD

The Creative Society of the 21st Century

This new study asks some hard questions about our changing world, and examines the policy opportunities that need to be grasped if we are to foster sustainable social foundations for the 21st century.
032000021P $33.60

Towards Sustainable Development

These proceedings of an OECD Conference address fundamental questions such as “How should environmental and social outcomes, such as clean air and water, full employment and good health be integrated with measures of economic progress?” and “How will we know about progress towards sustainable transport, agriculture and energy production and use?”.
972000111P $112.00


Pension Plans in Canada: Statistical Highlights and Key Tables - January 1, 1999

Provides information on all employer sponsored pension plans in both the public and private sectors. Information is presented on male and female membership; type of plan (defined benefit, defined contributions) provincial distribution of members; labour force coverage; eligibility conditions; contribution and benefit rates; retirement ages; contributions paid into the plans; and vesting and indexing provisions.
Published by Statistics Canada, 2000.
74-401-SPB $40.00

Garth Turner's 2001 Retirement Guide

Guide With clear-cut action plans and step-by-step details, this book provides the information you need to make the most of today's unique economic opportunities.
Published by Key Porter Books, 2000.
1-55263-296-2 $24.95
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