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November 2000 News - Page 1


Guide to the Family Business, Canadian Edition

Drawing upon their own experience and the experiences of their partners, who have worked with thousands of family businesses throughout Canada, the authors provide sound, practical advice on key issues such as:
  • Succession and relinquishing control
  • The role of outside advisors
  • Emotional factors and conflict within the family
  • Preparing a strategic plan
Written by Peter Leach, Bruce Ball and Garry Duncan. Published by Carswell, 2000. 0-459-28581-5 $34.95

Bricks to Clicks: e-Strategies that will Transform Your Business

Industry expert and author Ed McMahon walks you through the process of moving from a bricks-and-mortar organization to a thriving on-line business. He'll show you how to prioritize and plan your organization's e-business initiatives and create a comprehensive e-business transition plan.
Published by Stoddart Publishing Company, 2000.
0-7737-3254-3 $32.95


Women and Work: Inequality in the Canadian Labour Market, Third Edition

In addition to documenting women's position in the working world, the authors also seek the reasons for disparities and look at ways they might be changed.
Written by Paul Phillips and Erin Phillips. Published by James Lorimer & Company Ltd., 2000.
1-55028-706-0 $19.95


Canadian Global Almanac 2001

Information on Canada’s geography, history, population, government and economy are at your fingertips.
Published by Macmillan Canada, 2000.
0-7715-7704-4 $19.99

Canadian Almanac & Directory 2001

The most comprehensive sourcebook in Canada with over 47,000 facts and figures, providing quick access to all the facts you need.
Published by Micromedia, 2000.
1-895021-67-7 $259.00

Market Research Handbook 2000

A comprehensive source of socio-economic statistics for all those who study the Canadian consumer market: market researchers, strategists, product planners and sales leaders. The Handbook provides statistical data on changing demographics, economic characteristics and standards of living across Canada.
Published by Statistics Canada, 2000.
63-224-XPB $125.00

New From Carswell

Federal Court Practice 2001
0-459-23949-X $99.00
The 2000-2001 Annotated Immigration Act of Canada (Marrocco and Goslett)
0-459-26041-3 $90.00
The 2001 Annotated Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act
0-459-26074-X $99.00
2000 Pocket Ontario Occupational Health & Safety Act & Regulations
0-459-27697-2 $13.95
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