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August 2000 News - Page 2

New from the OECD

OECD Health Data 2000
The new edition of the CD-ROM containing comparative health data of 29 OECD Member countries including Canada. It is a unique software package consisting of an interactive database and query modules that provides a tool for the comparative analysis of health systems over time within and between countries. It includes over 485,000 statistics covering the period 1960-1998, as well as a selection of preliminary data and expenditure projections for 1999. Main fields covered are: Health Status, Health Care Resources, Health Care Utilization, Expenditure on Health, Financing and Remuneration, Social Protection, Pharmaceutical Market, Non-medical Determinants of Health, Demographic References, Economic References. The CD-ROM uses fast, user-friendly Windows™-based software which enables you to carry out data extractions, and build graphs and tables.
Order before September 30th and receive 25% off the regular price.
812000033C1: Stand-alone version for orders placed before September 30, 2000: $331.50 (non-profit organizations $219.00)
812000033C5: Network version for orders placed before September 30, 2000 $1108.50 (non-profit organizations $922.50)

Literacy in the Information Age: Final Report of the International Adult Literacy Survey
Produced by Statistics Canada and the OECD, this report is a comparative study of literacy skills in 20 countries including Canada. The study provides the world’s first reliable and comparable estimates of the distribution of levels of literacy skills in the adult population. 812000051P $49.60

Agricultural Policies in Emerging and Transition Economies 2000
The eighth edition considers agricultural trade reform in a global context. Countries are concerned both about reforms they may be required to implement and about the extent of liberalization undertaken elsewhere. 142000061P $70.40
A New Economy? The Changing Role of Innovation and Information Technology in Growth
This study examines the role of innovation and information and communications technologies in recent growth performance of OECD member countries, including Canada. Findings show that success requires a range of complementary factors that support the innovation-intensive growth exemplified by new information and communication technologies such as the Internet and electronic commerce. Parts of the study are devoted to a look at the strong performance of the "new economy" in the United States, but other sections, tables and charts provide for comparisons between OECD Member countries 922000031P $32.00

Energy Policies of IEA Countries: Canada 2000 Review
This is a comprehensive analysis of the Canadian energy sector. It includes description and analysis of nuclear power, Canada's renewable energy sources and energy resource industries such as uranium, coal, oil and gas. The report also examines issues arising for policy makers, including the process currently underway in Canada to develop an implementation strategy to meet the national target for greenhouse gas emissions, and Canada's progress in improving its efficient use of energy. The report makes recommendations in several policy areas where federal-provincial co-operation action appears necessary.
612000051P $120.00

New from Carswell

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