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OziExplorer GPS Mapping Software

OziExplorer We are pleased to now carry OziExplorer GPS Mapping Software. This is interactive, raster image, trip planning and moving map software which allows the user to add waypoints, routes and tracks to the map by simple point and click and then download these to a GPS.
  • Scan and calibrate your own maps or charts
  • Use maps in various formats which can be purchased in digital form (BSB, Maptech, USGS DRG)
  • Direct support for most Lowrance/Eagle, Garmin and Magellan GPS receivers for Uploading and Downloading Waypoints, Routes and Tracks
  • Supports Upload/Download of Events for Lowrance/Eagle GPS receivers
  • Create Tracks on the map and upload to the GPS (Lowrance/Eagle, Garmin and Magellan), not all GPS models support this function
  • Specify permanent Map features and display a picture for each feature.Place symbols and comments on the Map
  • Over 100 map datums supported
  • Numerous Grid systems, including UTM, BNG, IG, Swiss, Swedish, NZG + others
  • Numerous Map Projections supported
  • Print Maps and Waypoint Lists
  • Please Note: the maps or charts will not appear on the screen of your GPS


  • A PC running Windows 95/98/NT4/2000
  • Most Lowrance, Eagle, Garmin or Magellan GPS receivers
  • Any GPS receiver which outputs NMEA 0183 sentences can be used for moving map (real time tracking) mode
  • Maps of your particular area of the world which you purchase in digital form or can scan and calibrate yourself from paper charts
Produced by Des and Lorraine Newman.

All purchases of software are final. More information can be found in our Return Policy.

OZI $129.95
Price and availability subject to change. Shipping and applicable taxes extra.
Questions about this product? Please e-mail us.
This page last modified: August 7, 2003

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